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Jaik S.

Chicago, IL

5 star rating 11/02/2008

Ostrich Burgers. Really?

I was called upon for something that I've been waiting for. I ended up here, because I knew the place, and It's not terribly loud at any given moment. Conversations....Drinks....and then...the "O" Burgers. With cheddar. I hadn't had it before, but was thinking it would be something similar to chicken. I was wrong. It was a lean style beef, that tasted high in iron. Since it's still considered poultry, it has to be cooked all the way. There is no medium rare with these, and I don't imagine that It would be good anyway, at that temperature. The entire time spent here was well worth it, and service was great. It's not my first time here, and it won't be my last.

Jelena Z.

Chicago, IL

3 star rating 10/07/2008

In our quest for Sunday downtown downtime with a side of sports, we stumbled upon Mother Hubbard's. Admittedly, I almost balked... isn't Mother Hubbard's solely a tourist bar? But we walked in and were warmly welcomed to an open table with a centered view of the huge albeit older projection screen. Okay, this isn't so bad. Naturally, the Bears game turned into the Sox game. And three beers became thirteen.

So... 10 Coors Lights, 3 Mother Hubbard Weiss beers, a chicken quesadilla, a hot dog and a heaping pile of smothered-in-cheese fries for about $80? It's not slick, it's not sexy... but you can have a good time here and hold on to a couple extra Jacksons. Behold three happy campers :)

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Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub in Chicago's River North neighborhood is a gathering place for locals and tourist alike for over 20 years.