Chicago Bulls GM Gar Forman and Former Bulls Guard Randy Brown Consider Draft Options at Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

Bulls General Manager, Gar Forman, was in Mother Hubbards Sports Pub with former Bull and Michael Jordan team mate, Randy Brown. Randy is still with the Bulls organization.

In addition to enjoying the Mother Hubbards Burgers and Wings, the guys were watching the San Antonio/ Oklahoma City game. They are working on the upcoming draft.

Phillies' Cliff Lee Spends Quality Sports Bar Time At Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

The Philadelphia Phillies are in town to play our Chicago Cubs. Cy Young Award winner Cliff Lee stopped by Mother Hubbards Sports Pub to relax, shoot some pool and grab a Mother Hubbard burger. 
The Phils are off to a sluggish start this season but Cliff seemed on his pool game.


Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub, Never A Questionable Call!

Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub is already the place where visiting athletes, coaches and owners visit to console a loss or celebrate a victory, but it is also the Chicago sports bar of choice for the refs, umps and officials who keep the games fair and safe.

Earlier this week, Mother Hubbard's was pleased to host a group of not only our local MLB and NHL officials, but their visiting brothers in service. And no, they are never questioned or razzed about a call, even against our Cubs, Sox and Hawks. We recognize it's hard work making an instant judgement call on what is sometimes an impossible play (no guarantees, though, the we won't ask you to pose for a "Yer Out" photo for our Facebook timeline).

Speaking of our safety and brothers in service, Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub was also host this week to a very special group of US servicemen who no doubt prefer to remain nameless. Gentlemen, it was a pleasure to have you. Consider yourselves honored guest anytime business brings you near Chicago. Just remember to change out of your work clothes first.

Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub, Where The Cupboard Is Always Safe.

Recently during the International Association of Police Chiefs Conference in Chicago, Illinois, a number of Chiefs of Police visited Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub to watch the NFL games and munch some of our jumbo Wings. Our own Superintendent Garry McCarthy was there with a group that included the Police Chief from Boston and the Deputy Chief of Dallas.

Gentlemen, Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub salutes your commitment to public service. We, too, commit to serve, the best hot wings in Chicago, and to protect, by providing plenty of napkins. 

Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub Politically Neutral, Serves Beer To All Parties.

Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub loves the fact that our President enjoys a beer every now and again. But don't think that just because he's Chicago's very own we would discriminate when it comes to drawing a draught. We encourage both sides of the aisle, all a parties actually, to join us in River North for great beer, delicious food and of course, one of the best sports watching experiences in town. We do encourage caution when discussing politics, we want everyone to remain friends.

Mr. President, may we recommend the ribs with your Guiness.

Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub, the spot where players watch the games!

Mother Hubbards Sports Pub continues to be the spot where visiting teams players watch the other games while they are in town. Russ Mitchell, third baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers had a Mother Hubbards stuffed burger at the bar on Sat. This was after he hit a two out, bottom of the ninth inning Home Run to tie the game against our White Sox on Friday night. Russ was with a couple of other Dodger team mates. White Sox still took 2 out of 3 from the Dodgers.

Calgary Flames Hockey Team Players Relax At Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

Four members of the Calgary Flames Hockey Team, in town to meet our Chicago Blackhawks, were in Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub just chillin out, playing Golden Tee, chowing down on ribs and burgers  and watching the Rodeo on TV. Calgary is home to the world's largest Rodeo the "Calgary Stampede."

Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah Croon About Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

If you've lived in Chicago for any length of time you've inevitably heard and paid attention to the song Lake Shore Drive by the West Allis, Wisconsin trio called Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah. Well, we don't know if it was our legendary burger or our award-winning wings that that motivate the trio to remix this early 70s hit, but for your pleasure Lake Shore Drive, Mother Hubbard's remix.

Fergie, Black Eyed Peas Front woman, Relaxes At Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

Fergie, the Black Eyed Peas bombshell visited Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub while in Chicago. She enjoyed not only her company, but Mother Hubbard's hospitality as well. We welcomed her back anytime, but particularly in November when Chicago could use a little more hotness.

Late Night with Chicago White Sox Pitching Ace John Danks

We get our fair share of celebs and sports icons at Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub, but it must be MLB week. There has been quite a number of Players stopping by Mother Hubbard's lately (and late!) The most recent was Chicago White Sox pitching ace , John Danks who stopped in recently for a late bite . He was in with a couple of the rival Seattle Mariners players who must remain nameless due to fraternization rules. John opted for the the old fashioned Mother Hubbards burger and a diet Coke. No, we don't have spy photos of how he gripped the burger!

Blackhawk Defenseman, Niklas Hjalmarsson, Celebrates At Mother Hubards Sports Pub


June 13, 2010
River North, Chicago, IL

Blackhawk defenseman, number 4, Niklas Hjalmarsson, stopped by Mother Hubards Sports Pub last night (Sat). He was in a party mode. Niklas signed Mother Hubbards Blackhawk banner after draping it around himself and greeting many applauding fans. He was a class act. He spoke to everyone that approached him. 
Niklas showed why Chicago loves their Blackhawk players. His obvious pride and joy of being a Blackhawk turned his visit into another celebration of the Stanley Cup victory. Go Hawks


Bulls general manager, Gar Forman Browses Sports Memorabilia At Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

Bulls general manager, Gar Forman and his lovely wife Leslie have been spotted at Mother Hubbard’s Sports Pub with some frequency lately. 

 Initially, we thought that it was our chips, guac and friendly service that was drawing them back. Turns out is was our vast collection of sports memorabilia (along with the chips, guac and friendly service). They noticed that a particular piece of pre-championships Chicago Bulls memorabilia has been removed. 

 No worries Gar, the scoreboard will return someday. Much like William Randolph Hearst, Mother Hubbard’s Sports Pub rotates pieces from a vast collection of art. Except that rather than paintings from the masters and old world antiquities we have Bulls collectables, old fight posters and the worlds largest beer can collection.

Cub's Coaches Sinatro and DeJesús Strategize Over Late Night Wings.

Cubs coaches, Matt Sinatro and Iván DeJesús dropped by last Friday for a late night fix of our award-winning wings. Matt said he tried other wings over the off season but couldn't wait to get back to Mother Hubbard’s Sports Pub with his pal, Johnny Snickers for those giant Mother Hubbards wings.

Charles Dennis, B.B. King Guitarist, Experiences Two Chicago Legends.

B.B. King Guitarist Charles Dennis stopped by Mother Hubbard’s Sports Pub after a recent show for a Traditional Chicago  Dog, next stop Montana. Charles spent his first time at Mother Hubbards last Monday enjoying one of our delicious Hot Dog as the tour bus was loading up. 


He gave some staff members some Authentic B.B. King guitar pics and we gave him some souvenir Mother Hubbard’s towels in return, one for Charles and one for B.B. King. Thank you Charles, our thrill will never be gone.