Could Hockey Become a Summertime Sport In Chicago?

Among the usual summertime delights that Chicagoans relish for all to short a time, weekends at the lakefront, outdoor patios for late night cocktails, and an occasional Cubs game, the Stanley Cup Playoffs might stand out as something that just doesn't belong. Don't tell that to our mighty, might Blackhawks.

Hockey hasn't been this hot in Chicago for quite a while and whether the credit goes to our top notch on-ice lineup, a great coaching staff or that friendly gentleman sitting on the folding chair near the corner of the 100 section, there's no debating the games are exciting to watch, in-person or on TV.

Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub is an official Blackwawk's bar and shows every game, home or away. And, yes we will start the broadcast early enough for you to enjoy the "rocket's red glare, and bombs bursting in air"!

Join us for the excitement of a city focused on ONE GOAL!

Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub in Chicago's River North neighborhood is a gathering place for locals and tourist alike for over 20 years.