Philly Sports Writer Discovers Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

On a recent trip to Chicago, Philadelphia Inquirer sports writer John Gonzalez visited Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub and experienced the friendly neighborhood feel and service that's made us famous for over 16 years. 

John writes:
"The beer there is served cold and quick, but that's just a pretense for delivering the establishment's best off-menu item: information. While enjoying a Goose Island Honker's Ale, I asked the bartender which deep dish pizza joint I ought to try. That seemingly simple question resulted in her calling over several waitresses, at which point they debated the finer points of Chicago-style pie for my benefit."
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Seems that he discovered what locals, out of town visitors and nearby hotel concierges have know for years: Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub is the River North neighborhood's "Town Square". A place where locals gather, downtown workers unwind and visitors feel at home. Admittedly, we pride ourselves on being the one stop (or one call) source for all things sports related in Chicago, but we're just as happy to share thoughts and recommendations for all things Windy City.

Thanks for stopping in John! We look forward to discussing our favorite steak joints on your next visit. Oh, and no hard feeling. OK?


Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub in Chicago's River North neighborhood is a gathering place for locals and tourist alike for over 20 years.