NHL Refs Make Good Call: Dinner At Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub!

Our friends at the Renaissance Hotel brought the NHL Referees in to call the shots from our dining room tables last Friday night. They enjoyed the Sloppy Hockey "Joe" so much that our manager Alex, ever aware of a marketing opportunity, suggested they drop a Souvenir Mother Hubbard Hockey Puck at the Starting Face Off. We'll be reviewing tape to see how this product placement campaign is working out.

Stop in with friends, cheer on the Blackhawks and enjoy your own Sloppy Hockey Joe. Yup, you can get a souvenir puck too!

Milwaukee Bucks Guard Charlie Bell Talks NCAA Hoops At Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

Charlie Bell, guard for the Milwaukee Bucks stopped by solo to face our Mother Hubbards thin crust pizza one on one. It wasn't long before Bell had H.O.R.S.E., that tasty thin crust never stood a chance!

Always the generous soul, he provided some tickets for the Bucks/Bull game at the United Center. Charlie had a great Mother Hubbard's experience, but I'm sure the lucky ticket recipient was just as happy reviewing his NCAA picks with an NBA pro and MSU alum. 

Drew Stanton and Friends Visit Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

Drew Stanton, back up QB for the Detroit Lions, dropped in last Friday night in the company of Jenner and Carra, two beautiful ladies who, being locals, vouched for Mother Hubbard's as being one of Chicago's best sports bars.

While enjoying some homemade Mother Hubbard's pizza, Drew, a Michigan State Alum and Lansing native, talked about MSU basketball and his trip back home to watch the Final Four. Drew and his friends expressed what a good time they and were sent on their way with with a green Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub towel in hope that it makes it's way into the stadium for the game.

Cardinal George Makes Surprise Trip To Chicago

"The After-Party is at Mother Hubbard's.
I hear the wings are heavenly!"

The Pontiff's visit delighted and inspired those who attend a recent Gold Coast mass. An undercurrent of tolerance, compassion and peace was woven into Cardinal George's interaction with each and every member of the congregation. Although, select individuals may have been treated with a special invitation.

Western Michigan University Broncos Keep Their Shirts On

Western Michigan University Hockey team visited Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub Friday Night. The WMU Broncos were in town hosted by Robert Morris. The young men were well behaved and kept their shirts on.

The coaching staff arrived a half an hour later not knowing the team was there.The players told coaches they were going back to the hotel, but may have left out the details regarding the detour to Mother Hubbard's. Who could blame them after they all heard about our wings. The Stallions are a great group of guys and enjoyed the Mother Hubbard's experience.


Pittsburgh Steeler Quarterback, Ben Roethisberger and 3 of his team mates relax at Mother Hubbard's

Pittsburgh Steeler Quarterback, Ben Roethisberger and 3 of his team mates tour Chicago's River North neighborhood. They heard about our Wings and stopped by to shoot some pool and hang out. Earlier in the day they also visited Harry Caray's restaurant. 

Luke Harangody, All American Center For Notre Dame Basketball Celebrates Birthday At Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

Luke Harangody, all american center for Notre Dame basketball and a young lady recently celebrated their birthdays at Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub. We like Luke's chances for the NBA next season and hope he comes back to visit with his pro colors. 

Golden Globe and Oscar Winner Philip Seymour Hoffman Cheers Jets At Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

January 19, 2010
River North, Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Sun-Times Columnist, Bill Zwecker writes:

Meanwhile, back in Chicago, Philip Seymour Hoffman had a different set of priorities Sunday night. The actor, who won a Golden Globe (and an Oscar) for ‘‘Capote’’ in 2006 — and now in town prepping for his directorial debut at the Goodman with ‘‘The Long Red Road’’ — was spied intently watching his beloved New York Jets in the NFL playoffs at the Mother Hubbard’s sports bar on Hubbard Street.

Given that the Jets beat the Chargers just prior to the start of the Globes, chances are Hoffman may have been able to watch both.

Read more from Bill Zwecker

Former Chicago Bear Chris Zorich Visits Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

December 29, 2009

Former Chicago Bear Chris Zorich visited Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub over the weekend to relax with friends, watch a little football, and of course, enjoy some wings.

Fortunately you don't have to be an NFL great to enjoy VIP service, great food and sports in Chicago's River North area. Just visit us at 5 W. Hubbard Street (at State) and yes, we have room for the whole team.

Vince Vaughn And Friends Visit Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

December 10, 2009

Vince Vaughn and a group of 7 friends stopped by Mother Hubbards last night. They enjoyed our Jumbo Wings and reordered twice.

Vince was very friendly and talkative. He hung out for over an hour and a half and said he would be back for more wings soon.

Dennis Hof, proprietor of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, visits Mother Hubbard’s Sports Pub

Dennis Hof, proprietor of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, dropped in to Mother Hubbard’s Sports Pub last night for some mexican specialities. He was visiting Chicago to make an appearance on the Mancow in the morning show.

We thought that he should have another Chicago experience so a messenger was dispatched to Portillo’s for an italian beef sandwich to round out Mr Hof’s windy city tour. 

Dennis is pictured above with film and politics stars. Click here to read more about Dennis Hof.

NFL Hall of Famer Ted Hendricks Visits Mother Hubbards.

September 08, 2009
River North, Chicago

Ted Hendricks NFL Hall of Famer visited Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub last night watching the Hurricanes / Florida State game with about 100 Miami U. Alumni. He said  the Mother Hubbard's wings were the biggest and best he ever had.

LeAnn Rimes Visits Lollapalooza and Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

Country singer LeAnn Rimes visited MotherHubbard'sSportsPub on Friday before going to Lollapalooza. LT. John Serafini, her head of security, suggested Mother Hubbard's and our hand made , stuffed burger for for a uniquely Chicago experience and a bit of energy for her hi-powered performance. She and 2 friends enjoyed the burgers and visited with owner, Kathy Fitzpatrick. When she left the smile on her face suggested a return trip was inevitable.

Celebration or Solace, Mother Hubbard's Wing Do It For Cubs' Coaches

Matt Sinatro , Lou Pinella's sidekick and Cubs first base coach, stopped by Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub after a recent Cubs night game for a his favorite, an order of Mother HUbbards Wings.

You don't need to be a pro ball coach to enjoy all-star service and hall of fame flavor. Next time you find yourself in Chicago's River North neighborhood, whether you're on the road or a resident, visit us at the corner or Hubbard & State. If that location is as much a mystery to you as those hand signals just ask your hotel concierge, they'll know where to find us. 

Great Wings In The Stars For Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

Eugenia Last, syndicated columnist and astrologist for the Chicago Sun Times, visited Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub with her husband on Friday and returned Saturday for the Wings. You don't need charts or sun signs to tell they thought the wings were the best they've had.

From Eugenia's Blog:

One of the things I love most about the location of this hotel is that it is a hop and a skip away from what I consider to be the best wings in the world. I became a big fan of this establishment. Yes it’s a grill & sports bar and for some of you that may be a turn off but I happen to be a huge basketball fan and when you combine that with a cold brewski and the best hot wings on the planet – well what can I say – I was in seventh heaven. Oh yes the name of this fabulous little place is Mother Hubbard’s at State and Hubbard and Jim one of the gatekeepers is friendly as all get out and certainly makes you feel right at home. My man asked him why the wings were so humongous and without taking a breath he said “they’re pigeons”. Jim’s quite the prankster.

To see what your destiny holds visit Eugenia atwww.eugenialast.com. Click here to read more at Eugenia's blog.

To find good fortune in your own basket of wings, visit Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub. Quite likely we're just a short walk from your Loop, River North or Gold Coast hotel.

Plenty Of Bears! Not A Lion Or Bengal In Sight.

Jay Cutler, the new Quarterback for the Bears visited Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub last week after the Bulls/Celtics game. He was hanging out and playing Guitar Hero with Tight End Greg Olsen and an entourage of pals.

Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub boasts the only coin-op Guitar Hero game in Chicago's River North and Downtown Loop area, maybe even the entire city!

Want to challenge the next celebrity Guitar Hero at Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub? Sign up for our "As it happens" text alerts. Text Hubbards to 41411 and receive alerts whenever we have celebrity guests visitors, live television broadcast and other spur of the moment happenings.

Don't read about it the next morning, be there when it happens!