Philly Sports Writer Discovers Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub

On a recent trip to Chicago, Philadelphia Inquirer sports writer John Gonzalez visited Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub and experienced the friendly neighborhood feel and service that's made us famous for over 16 years. 

John writes:
"The beer there is served cold and quick, but that's just a pretense for delivering the establishment's best off-menu item: information. While enjoying a Goose Island Honker's Ale, I asked the bartender which deep dish pizza joint I ought to try. That seemingly simple question resulted in her calling over several waitresses, at which point they debated the finer points of Chicago-style pie for my benefit."
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Seems that he discovered what locals, out of town visitors and nearby hotel concierges have know for years: Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub is the River North neighborhood's "Town Square". A place where locals gather, downtown workers unwind and visitors feel at home. Admittedly, we pride ourselves on being the one stop (or one call) source for all things sports related in Chicago, but we're just as happy to share thoughts and recommendations for all things Windy City.

Thanks for stopping in John! We look forward to discussing our favorite steak joints on your next visit. Oh, and no hard feeling. OK?


See What They're Saying!

Occasionally, (All right, Frequently) both locals and visitors to the River North area are so moved by their fun, friendly experience at Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub that they post reviews to their favorite sites.

Brian K, October 2009

"My cousin works up the street and we were going to meet up and grab a bite to eat before we went out for the evening.  I was in the mood for Mexican and she said that the food at Mother Hubbard's wasn't bad and it would be quick since we were on a tight schedule.  I ordered a quesadilla which wasn't bad.  It was actually pretty ok.  Living in California in such close proximity to Mexico, I got kind of spoiled with all kinds of delicious cuisine.  My quesadilla was good.  We were in and out in half an hour and on our way to our engagement for the evening.  So as promised the service was quick and the food was good.  All on a Thursday evening at like 7:30 pm."

Steve F., June 2009, 

"Excellent place to hang out and watch your favorite sports team.  For a transplant to the Chicago area, I have always been able to get my favorite local team.  As far as food, they have excellent Mexican fare (very large portions) and great ribs. 

Dolores R., June 2009
"Loved the food. They do everything really well- from the Mexican to the ribs & wings and one of the best burgers ever. Drinks aren't ever watered down and the waitressess ann bar tenders are friendly and upbeat. 
Every sport is available on one of the many TVs. Loud, but fun. I'll go back for sure. "

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Burger Fiends Unite!

Recently found at Burger Fiend!

"...I haven't ventured into Mother Hubbards's in probably at least three years, but last Tuesday the Fiend and a group a old coworkers couldn't resist revisiting an old stomping ground.

And boy did I forget what a damn good burger they make.

The legendary burg is an 11oz hand packed puck of beef chock full of blended house seasonings, but the texture is so unique the meat has to include egg and perhaps bread crumbs to provide the soft, moist consistency. It's truly reminescent of a huge homemade Italian meatball; this time topped with cheddar and served with a blanket of fresh broiled fries.

Huge fan.

I highly recommend if you're looking for a decently priced burger and want to avoid the hub-bub of some other Hubbard Street establishments."

We salute you Burger Fiend! Your quest is a glorious one. Read more at

Chicago Loop News Know! Best Draft Beer Lineup In River North.

Mother Hubbard's 22 draft beer selection was noted in a recent edition of Chicago Loop News as best draft lineup in RIver North.

Boutique brews to old favorites, bring a few friends and try a few. Ask about pitcher special and score not only beer refreshment, but delicious food stuffs. Now that's what we call a shot of vitamin B!

Traveler's Memories of Chicago Revolve Around Award Winning Wings is a great place to read about other's experiences with hotels, resorts and restaurants before traveling. That's why we love to see Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub at the center of a Chicago visitors review!

Great Wings

MarieRed21 contributions SC Jul 12, 2009

The bartender @ Smith & Wolensky recommended this place as having the best wings in the city and she was not wrong. They serve the whole wing intact and I was stuffed after 3 couldn't finish the basket of 6, crispy and spicy. A really nice draft beer selection, friendly staff and pool tables in the back. If I'm in Chicago again I will defintely go back.

Marie, Mother Hubbard's loves you too! Glad you noticed the draft beer selection, it's the largest selection in the River North area. We'll look forward to seeing you on your next trip to Chicago.

Sportswriters Know Sports Pubs! ESPN's Pierre LeBrun is No Different.

When last call is looming and a cold beer before hotel check-inis needs to wrap up a long drive and a longer day Mother Hubbard's Sports Pub is the place. We appreciate the choice ESPN's Pierre LeBrun made for his last stop of the day and first stop in Chicago.

There was the car ride with Tim Wharnsby of The Globe and Mail. It began one Sunday morning in Toronto, then we took a six-hour break in Detroit, where we covered the Wings-Ducks playoff game Sunday evening, before we headed to Chicago that night to catch last call at Mother Hubbard's in the Windy City. All told, nine hours of driving, an NHL game in between, and a few hours' sleep before Canucks-Hawks the next day. Ah, life as a sportswriter!

Pierre LeBrun covers the NHL for Read more at his blog.

See What They're Saying!


Jaik S.

Chicago, IL

5 star rating 11/02/2008

Ostrich Burgers. Really?

I was called upon for something that I've been waiting for. I ended up here, because I knew the place, and It's not terribly loud at any given moment. Conversations....Drinks....and then...the "O" Burgers. With cheddar. I hadn't had it before, but was thinking it would be something similar to chicken. I was wrong. It was a lean style beef, that tasted high in iron. Since it's still considered poultry, it has to be cooked all the way. There is no medium rare with these, and I don't imagine that It would be good anyway, at that temperature. The entire time spent here was well worth it, and service was great. It's not my first time here, and it won't be my last.

Jelena Z.

Chicago, IL

3 star rating 10/07/2008

In our quest for Sunday downtown downtime with a side of sports, we stumbled upon Mother Hubbard's. Admittedly, I almost balked... isn't Mother Hubbard's solely a tourist bar? But we walked in and were warmly welcomed to an open table with a centered view of the huge albeit older projection screen. Okay, this isn't so bad. Naturally, the Bears game turned into the Sox game. And three beers became thirteen.

So... 10 Coors Lights, 3 Mother Hubbard Weiss beers, a chicken quesadilla, a hot dog and a heaping pile of smothered-in-cheese fries for about $80? It's not slick, it's not sexy... but you can have a good time here and hold on to a couple extra Jacksons. Behold three happy campers :)

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They come from near and .....

Who knew...Mexican Food at a pub?
By aimeerhea from Louisville, KY, June 30, 2008

Overall rating:

If you are ever in Chicago, you MUST make this restaurant/pub a destination. I got super lucky when I was in Chicago a few weeks ago. This place was just across the street from Acting Studio Chicago where I was holding a casting. It was the perfect location and right price before catching the Orange Line back to the airport. This place has THE best Mexican food I've ever had, and that's saying something. The service is very friendly to boot.


My husband and I were...
By Laurie from Grand Ledge, MI, January 22, 2008

Overall rating:

My husband and I were in Chicago for a business trip and had a free night to go out and get dinner. We were walking through the cold night in November and not having much luck finding something that we both wanted. We wanted by Mother Hubbards and decided to go in to get warm and have a drink. We stayed all night. The atmosphere was great and our bartender was the best. The food was jalapenos around. After killing several bottles, we headed back to the hotel. We are planning a day trip to Chicago this November and will definitely be hanging out at Mother Hubbards on that day!!

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